What your body NEEDS

When your body is pushed to the limit, vitamins and nutrients are key to recovery. Our IV transfusions get your body back in shape – fast. 


Get your body what it needs.


This drip utilizes a specific blend of vitamins to kick your immune system into HIGH GEAR and reduce symptom severity.


1 Liter of fluid

5000mg Vitamin C

2.5mg Zinc

200mg Glutathione

10,000IU Vit D IM


Diminishes post-workout muscle soreness, restores electrolyte balance, and invigorates essential energy for a faster recovery.


1 Liter of fluid

1ml Amino Blend

1 ml B-Complex

500mg L-Carnitine

100mg Taurine


This drip is for the serious athlete planning a strenuous activity or to recover quicker from an extreme workout. This cocktail will reduce inflammation, and associated soreness from over-worked muscles.


1 Liter of fluid

1ml B Complex

2mg B12

500mg Taurine

100mg NAD+

Client Reviews

Oh I called BC IV wellness and within an hour I had an appointment she came to my house and gave me a Myers cocktail for my migraine an Endo flare up and I’m feeling 1000 times better. I cannot recommend elena enough and it is worth the price to not have to deal with hospitals when someone can come to your home and make you feel better.
Beautiful B.
Elena is awesome! We have used BC IV Wellness several times, and the results are always amazing!
Emily V.
Lena is THE BEST! Her wealth of knowledge and experience is evident when she formulates your IV infusion treatment. I’ve used her services several times and recommend her to anyone who is under the weather.
Jonathon S.


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